Washer Dryer 2013 Offer

Washer Dryer 2013 Offer

The candidates for best washer and dryer 2013 has seen lately are the combination of recent advancements in technology and customer demands. Within the past few years, washing by hand has completely been eradicated, especially with the latest models that have made machine washing so much better, more convenient, and faster. With that said, consider the models that have been considered as the best of this year and may have been considered as the best washer and dryer 2012 has seen as well (for the older models).

LG – LG washing and drying combination machines have become a staple lately and have topped consumer reports best washer and dryer. It may not be the immediate best washer and dryer brand but it definitely has products that have a lot of neat features such as SenceClean that can determine the amount of water required depending on the weight of the load being washed. There is also the Sanitary Clean Cycle that will heat water up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit in order to break down and clean out tough dirt.

Whirlpool – you can’t talk about washing machines without talking about Whirlpool. Whirlpool has garnered some of the best washer and dryer reviews and has been a home staple for years. They offer a lot of 2-storey washing and drying units where the dryer is on top and the washer is on the bottom. This has become the ideal and best washer and dryer 2013 choice for people with smaller homes or for those who live in a tight apartment where every inch of space is valuable.

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