Unique Vintage Modern Space Design Mix Style Application

Unique Vintage Modern Space Design Mix Style Application

Creating vintage-modern space design is, surely, not an easy job to. Each of those styles has very different design character and, in some extents, it is even contradictory. However, there are some contemporary space designs that able to do such work perfectly and one of those stunning mix style space designs is this colorful retro-modern living room design.

The retro and the modern design is represented by the furniture selection and ornaments that involve in this space, while the colorful accent uses as the catalyst to blend those two very different style. Looking at the beauty that presented by this lovely room design, there is a great sign that our ability to combine those two contradictory style will result such an amazing space design just like this colorful living room.

The other outstanding vintage-modern space design creation that will able to become such a great insight to encourage people to create mix style room design is this classic-modern dining room design. The classical value that can be seen in this space setting is presented by the selection of furniture. It uses classical dining table set whit such a lovely color scheme. The modernity, in the other hand, is presented by the simple and efficient setting of this nice dining room design.

Another perfect style-combined room design that can be use as an example for further creation is this vintage-modern nursery room. There are so many stunning nursery room that able to become a great example for your creation, but this one is very different, it has its own uniqueness that will become such a great alternative deign for nursery room design creation.

Those examples above are the evidence of the possibility in mix-style space creation. Unique vintage-modern space design is indeed the style that will enrich the design alternative of modern design era.

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