Informative Soil Erosion Diagram

The soil erosion is a natural process, which can be studied clearly with a soil erosion diagram, by which soil is taken away from the Earth’s surface by wind or water flow and are subsequently transported and deposited in other locations. It leads to severe problems like desertification, and ecological loss because of the loss of upper rich soil layer and also to decrease in agricultural productivity. There are two forms of soil erosion. One is the soil erosion by water and other is by wind.

Damage  soil erosion leads the world to some of the serious problems. They cause desertification and also form obstacles in agricultural practices. It is caused by both human activities as well as naturally. Generally, human activities involve over-grazing by too many animals on a small land, over-cropping and deforestation. Natural causes include climate change and decreased rainfall.

Soil erosion by water occurs when the soil is carried away by the water flow with a high speed and also when the soil is not covered with plants which can hurdle the water flow. This leads to severe soil erosion. Because of this erosion, the top soil and nutrients present in the soil are washed away making that land useless. Those lands cannot support agricultural activities.

Riling is one of the most common forms of soil erosion. Riling soil erosion occurs when the soil is taken away by the water flow which causes small rills to get wider and that leads to soil erosion.

Soil erosion pictures can help students to understand the process in a better manner. By looking at the soil erosion diagram, you can understand what factors contribute to the soil erosion.

If you think about the remedies of soil erosion, these are very simple. It includes proper planning for drainage and the protection of the soil surface during and after the construction. To prevent unnecessary stripping of plants or deforestation of plants at different places.  These remedies should be used in order to prevent soil erosion from occurring.

Soil erosion is a natural process but some human activities like burning trees and other increases the speed of erosion. You can help a lot by raising awareness among people living in your neighborhood by showing them different soil erosion diagram and literature related to soil erosion. It is yours and others’ duty to adopt those measures which can help preventing the soil erosion.

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