One Reel unveils 2019 poster design by Tariqa Waters!!


“When told it would support the ARTSAVESME campaign, it made it relevant and personal. Because asking how art saved me is a bit like asking Peter Parker how a spider bite saved him. It has transformed my life and given me powers that were otherwise unknown and unavailable.

Art is the ace up my sleeve that has empowered me to not have to play the hand I was dealt. By sharing this through my art, I hope I can empower others to choose an artistic path.”

In , artist Ten Hundred was invited to revive the ARTSAVESME campaign to support local arts at Bumbershoot and expand the message to inspire festival goers from the community to follow their own creative journey. Following the festival, Ten Hundred shared his personal ARTSAVESME story through footage he captured while promoting ARTSAVESME at Bumbershoot last year   Youtube.

Ms. Waters is a recognized figure and generous supporter to local artists, providing collaborative opportunities through her Martyr Sauce gallery. In addition to her poster design contribution, she has curated a collective activation of visual art, performance and dance that will debut during the Mayor’s Arts Awards on August th at Seattle Center featuring the work of local artists Kenji Stoll, Ari Glass, Amaris Hamer, Clyde Peterson, Natasha Marin and dancers Randy Ford & David Rue. The show will run through Bumbershoot, as part of the festival’s non-music programming presented by One Reel.

As an artist, Ms. Waters is renowned for her use of POP-ART imagery to confront tough issues that challenge the status quo. Bright colors and familiar objects attract initial attention from viewers, but it’s her underlying personal messages that pack a super-powered punch.

Interestingly enough, this poster, delivers a timely reminder that Bumbershoot was originally launched to revive local spirit amidst an economic depression in Seattle in the ’s, serving as both a distraction to reality and to inspire creativity among residents. Since then, the festival has brought untold joy to the community, attracting millions of festival goers to Seattle Center to share in an inclusive celebration of art, performance, and music for nearly five decades.

Proving that the power of art can be as transformative and heroic to an entire city, as Ms. Waters’ poster depicts on a personal level.

We invite you to explore the arts at Bumbershoot over Labor Day Weekend.

Who knows? You just might find inspiration to ignite your own superpower.

Following the festival, a limited edition run of the  Limited Edition Bumbershoot Commemorative Poster benefitting ARTSAVESME will be available for sale to support commissions of new work by local artists that will debut at Bumbershoot in the future.

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