New Orleans Fried Chicken Spot Gets Creative To Keep Distance From Customers


McHardy’s Chicken and Fixin’ has been around nearly 20 years but they’ve been getting attention not just for their food, but how it gets to you.

NEW ORLEANS — Small mom and pop stores have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic. Some across the New Orleans area and the United States have been forced to close. 

However one small business got a creative to make sure customers and staff are safe. Rahman Mogilles has owned Mchardy’s Chicken in Fixin, a fast food restaurant for almost 20 years. 

Mogilles has had to be creative to make sure he can stay ahead of other fast food restaurants in the city, like adding special wings on the menu. 

The fast food chef has dealt with life’s obstacles, like reopening after Katrina. 

Like many business owners in the city and across the nation, they’ve never experienced a pandemic. 

“Wth this pandemic going around we have to think of something different outside the box to create some sense of social distancing,” Mogilles said. 

Mogilles created a “zip line,” a pulley system in the restaurant. 

After a customer places their order, the staff hook the chicken in a bag on the line and it’s then carried back to the customer. 

The goal is to limit contact from person to person and prevent spreading the virus. 

“It’s things like that, trying to get people to think outside the box it’s one of those things that creativity will help this industry thrive it’s going to help us get around and get through this,” Mogilles said. 

The zip line idea came to him when New Orleans started to see an increase in cases in early March. 

It took about four days to design and two days to build, Mogilles says customers are pleased with the zip line keeping people safe. 

“A lot of time reactions are like what is that? And then when they see the food they’re like oh my God my food is coming to me.”

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